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'Halima' is no doubt a hit song and also the 1st single from Wizboyy's debut album 'Testimoney'. Halima has been featured in several Nigerian mixtapes. Halima official music video is playing on Nigeria Music Network.

Halima official music video was directed by Mex. Finally it's here, fresh and original. It's Wizboyy's 3rd official album...TESTIMONEY. This is a complete musical creation, laced with 17 genuine and lovely tracks that reveal an evolved Wizboyy. It takes you on a smooth jive with simple rhythms and rich melodies that keep you humming happily. It's fine and fun, all in the same pack.

Lovinjitis sets you on that stuck-on-you mood that many easily relate to, while Uso comes in a mid-tempo vibe, inciting love and sweetness, with lyrics finely etched on the melody like painting on a canvas. Every Day stands out as a banging party/club song that pumps excitement into the air and gets you shaking your body without any care.

It's a creative fusion of contemporary Euro pop sound and the African styled hook that is peculiar to Wizboyy, all woven together seamlessly into one tune.

Iyanya, one of Naija's most desired artistes featured on the banging dance track, Feel Alright, a jolly song specially made for good times. Hotamali is for the ladies, straight to the roots of highlife, with simple lyrics that lavishly describe the beauty of an African woman.

Wizolingo and Halima, released as Singles successfully preceded TESTIMONEY, creating high anticipation for a generously made album, all produced and written by Wizboyy, except the collabo tracks which were co-written. The album is jointly distributed by TJoe Distribution, ABBU Ventures and Obaino Music.

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