King Wasiu Ayinde - K1 Naming Ceremony of Whitney Fatiah Omolara Abike Ojuolape Marshal (Part 1)


Published by Nigeria Music Network in Fuji



Here's part 1 video of King of Fuji Wasiu Ayinde K1 naming ceremony of his 25th child daughter Whitney Fatiah Omolara Abike Ojuolape Marshal (Titi Masha’s Baby Girl).

Wasiu Ayinde Marshal reportedly has over 25 children (or is it 38 children?), 3 official wives and countless of concubines.

Nigerian Fuji musician, Wasiu Ayinde Marshal has named his newest 25th child, Whitney Fatiah Marshal, Titi Mahsa's baby. To those who do not know her, Titi Masha is the newest wife of King Wasiu Ayinde.

Titi Masha delivered Whitney in Chicago, USA. Wasiu Ayinde’s first child is now 36 years old and she is based in the UK.

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