Flavour - Kwarikwa remix ft. Fally Ipupa (Music Review by Izu)


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Nigerian Music Review: Flavour - Kwarikwa remix ft. Fally Ipupa, video by Izu Oluwatimileyin Ugo of KTN NaijaSwagi on Youtube.

Izu Oluwatimileyin Ugo raised an important and very common issue in this music review, which is Nigerian music artists using Oyinbo (white girls) in their music videos; disregarding our beautiful Nigerian women.

As Izu Oluwatimileyin Ugo pointed out, the white girl Flavour Nabania used in Kwarikwa remix music video, makes no sense, and she does not even understand what he was saying, neither does she really understand the message or meaningof the song.

Do Nigerian music artists think people outside of Nigeria or Africa as a whole, want to see their own people in our music videos? Definitely not! Majority living in foreign countries such as the US and the UK want to see and learn about the African people.

The main message in this Nigerian music review is for Nigerian music artists and their video directors and/or label managers to support our own by investing in and showcasing the beauty in our own people.

Definitely, there are plenty beautiful Nigerian women that would have complemented Kwarikwa remix music video than the Oyinbo girl used instead. -Nigeria Music Network Staff

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    lol! love your comment and accent! you rock in USA