Durella - Club rock (UNCUT Version)


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Durella music video premiere - Club Rock (The Uncut version). Nigerian-Afrobeat/Afropop music.

The King of all Zangalists is back!!! I remember when he dropped his heavy singles and videos off his first album such as Enu Ose, Wiskolo Wiska and Shayo.

Well, Durella aka Omo yapayaski is back on the scene with quality material as usual. He has been working on new music for the past few months and has rectified his label and management situation which should translate to us his fans, enjoying Durella's new material building up to his album release. Club Rock sounds like nothing you have heard Durella deliver, music wise. The production is crisp and sounds like it was made for the Club or Beat Headphones. Durella then adds his creative bars and hook to make the track even more catchy. Clearance Peters does an amazing job quality wise and capturing the essence of the video.

This is the UNCUT version, so you may see some mature content as you watch. Make sure you are not at work when you PLAY this video. Enjoy and look out for the SAFE version to drop on TV shortly.

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