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This 'Doro Beer, Ompa Hero Highlife Music' by T.I Ventures - showing on Nigeria Music Network, is a smooth blend of the very best of Highlife sounds from the great Igbo people of South-Eastern Nigeria, a great dance song for African parties and clubs; Nigeria Music Network approves! 

Press Play • Dance • Live Life!

The song album of almost 50 mins of non-stop music, is quite popular on YouTube for its category 'Igbo Highlife'. The song also promotes Hero lager beer (nicknamed 'Ompa'). Details on where to buy Ompa Highlife music online is shown below. 

  • Video Title: Doro Beer, Ompa Hero (Ompa Highlife)  
  • Release Year: Likely 2014 
  • Genre: Highlife (Igbo) 

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This is the high-life songs and medley made specially for the finest & best beer in Nigeria, Hero lager beer popularly known as Ompa. 

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