Burnaboy defends underpants performance at Felabration 2013 [Entertainment News]


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In an interview with E-Weekly, Aristokrat recording artist Burnaboy defends his underpants performance at Felabration 2013. His excuses or defense for shamefully stripping down to his underwear at the concert are not solid but childish.

The assumption by many observers that Burnaboy was high on something on that day is still the only reasonable excuse for such shameful imitation of the late great 'Abami Eda', who never performs on stage in his underwear -- only when practicing or playing at home.

A more detailed analysis here: Burnaboy's underpants performance at Felabration 2013 is unrealistic

Fela Anikulapo Kuti lives on.... If you're wondering what Abami Edo means in Yoruba, it simply means the "Mysterious One" or "Mysterious Person".

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