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Nigeria's P-square debunk rumors of sacrificing mother for Illuminati

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Nigerian R&B duo singers P-square (Peter & Paul Okoye) have debunk rumors of sacrificing their mother 'Mrs Josephine Okoye' for illuminati money and fame; Nigeria Music Network is reporting.

P-Square (Peter and Paul) with late mom Mrs. Josephine Okoye

Nigeria Music Network have gathered a short interview via Ndi Igbo Facebook page about the pop stars, however; the full interview is originally published by VanguardNigeria in case you want to read - it is titled "Alleged Murder of Mum - P-Square Opens Up", just Google it. Read the short interview below, including Nigeria Music Network's web research and conclusion on the illuminati rumors.

P-Square Interview on Mother's Death

How do you feel about your mum’s death?

We feel so bad to know that our mum is no more. But who are we to question the Almighty God. Traditionally, we are supposed to bury her and not the other way round. It is just that it happened so soon.. Indeed, her death was a big blow to us.

It was rumored that you people knew what happened to her?

Then, it is too bad to hear that people are accusing us of being responsible for our mum’s death. We are not blaming anybody. People are free to say what they want to say. We begin to wonder whether there is anything that will ever make us to go for the life of our beloved mother.

Her life cannot be quantified in terms of money or fame. So, our answer to this question is that we have no hand in our mum’s death. We only blame the death that snatched her away from us if not so, people won’t be pointing accusing fingers at us. She died after a brief illness.

Aside your mum’s death, there was another rumor that you guys have joined Illuminati?

We are short of words. Why would anybody say such things about us? Well, the fact remains that we do not belong to any secret cult, whether Illuminati or anything you call it. We owe our achievements and everything that is happening to us to Almighty God.

Web Research on PSquare Illuminati Rumors

That's it for P-Square's interview on rumors of sacrificing mother for illuminati. However, Nigeria Music Network webteam took the initiative of researching the web to discover when the whole rumors of P-Square sacrificing mother for illuminati actually started. Below are some of our findings:

The earliest news we gathered via Google on P-Square joining illuminati and allegedly sacrificing their mom was on July 11 2012, and published by Simply Samad's Blogspot:

"Despite the apparent tragedy that befell the Okoye family barely 12 hours ago as the mother of Nigeria's singing sensation, P-Square was pronounced dead, some Nigerians have raised questions over the timing of her death.

"But is it not suspicious that their mum suddenly dies shortly after they recorded and shot a musical video with Rick Ross," a source asked Simply Samad.

Another source was more direct and explicit with his suspicion:

"Singing wit Akon & Rick Ross probably caused their mother's death - the sacrifice. Once a member is introduced to the 'Illuminati,' they are supposed to sacrifice a family member of theirs to seal d deal," the source further explained.

Still on this unconfirmed link, the source allegedly noted that there was only one reason D'banj had escaped the same fate after getting on board Kanye West's 'Good Music.'

"I suppose D'banj parents r too committed in religion. For P Square to sing wit Akon & Rick Ross was quite a notable effort & these guys (Akon and Rick Ross) are down wit d Illuminati & have sacrificed one way or the other. Now its P Square's turn..." (Source:

After Simply Samad blogged the rumors about P-square allegedly killing mom for illuminati membership, many comments followed afterwards with fellow Nigerians pouring out their opinion, some were in favor of P-square while others where just completely full of hate towards the duo singers, others attacked the blogger. See some of the comments we gathered below, they were all anonymous btw:

Anonymous12 July 2012 00:06:
Pls people should stop saying or insinuating rubbish,what business of their's is it if at all it's true,pls people should learn how 2 mind their business...NAJLAHOT.

Anonymous6 October 2012 13:07:
you may be 1 of their members, why are you so worried with that,, they may know some thing concerning their mother dead because even their level in music can explain knowing that almost all the american stars belong in to the illuminati and that any new member most sacrifice to BAPHOMET in other to socceed in their careerfor exsample take look on the son of LIL Wayne with MIRROR his is a very big member of the ILLUMINATTI 50 cent,rick ross, akon, j-zay ,beyonce ,lady gaga,usher justin beiber, p2 is already a member just to name a few for more imformation check on google all the american stars and the illuminati you will see magic....NB wash out and let us be very carefull .

Anonymous12 July 2012 00:24:
In the first place, I sympathise with the okoyes and pray God gv dem d fortitude to bear the greit loss. Now to the issue of sacrifice, I'm very sure that , that is a blatant lie...

Anonymous12 July 2012 02:42:
I can assure u dat u sat down in d comfort of ur small house and concocted dis ugly and highly opinionated story of urs just to get hits or attention on ur blog,dts very mean of u.rather than sympatize wit d family nd fans of d music acts deceased mum u r here tryn to create an ugly and malicious story just to stir controversy!if linda ikeji nd oda top bloggers startd like dis I dnt think they wld hv made it to d top!Mr blogger its ur choice to make!

Anonymous12 July 2012 11:03:
Hey I don't know who u are but u are very stupid ,are u sure ur not one of them? Goat !!!

Anonymous12 July 2012 03:00:
I'm so dumbfounded.....The blogger is an IDIOT!!! And the people with those ideas are people that have ternites feasting on their brains

Anonymous12 July 2012 03:01:
I'm so dumbfounded.....The blogger is an IDIOT!!! And the people with those ideas are people that have ternites feasting on their brains

Anonymous12 July 2012 04:08:
Ur so pathetic.Get a life, no matter how small just get a life than say rubbish that U cannnot defend. Shameless goat.must U own a blog?

Anonymous12 July 2012 04:10:
Simply samad. I get it. It simply means "U are simply mad". Its a mental case indeed. U may be forgiven.

Anonymous12 July 2012 05:51:
is this being read by illiterate readers or r u guys just transferring ur personal frustrations on the author. This was not a diary. I just had to read this when I saw the title and the fact that he quoted sources does not translate into taking side with them.

Anonymous12 July 2012 05:57:
Lol This was not the blogger's opinion. He sensibly quoted 'sources.' U can read again in case your eyes missed the quotation marks.

Anonymous12 July 2012 06:00:
I do not see readers I see haters and angry comment droppers. I read this blog often and he's not as insensitive as to have a grudge against P-Square or their dead mum. Blogger, go and sin no more

Anonymous12 July 2012 06:03:

Were you guys raised by angry teachers ,angry parents or both. This was the opinion of others and not the blogger's so please sheath ur swords.

Conclusion on P-Square Illuminati Rumor

Well, that's it for us on the P-Square illuminati story and what we gathered on the web. In conclusion, Nigeria Music Network advise that fellow Nigerians should not be too quick to jump into conclusion based on rumors or speculations, we have to understand that there are people out there whose job is to tarnish the image of our celebrities or popular icons for diabolic reasons.

At this crucial time of losing their mom to an untimely death, the Okoye's need no such negative energy channeled towards them for whatsoever reasons, but rather - more of positive energy and motivation from their super fans to continue pushing their musical career forward and giving us that addictive gbedu that keeps us dancing and cheerful.

The world may not completely understand, but Peter and Paul Okoye will forever mourn their mother's death. Our condolences go out to the Okoye's here at Nigeria Music Network. Let us continue to support and celebrate our stars. #TeamPSquare, #TeamNaija, #TeamOneLove.

-by Kevin Onuma/Nigeria Music Network Staff Writer

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