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Nuel King Biography, the African Dance Machine (Nigerian R&B Music Artist)

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Nuel King biography is showcased on Nigeria's music network. Lovers of Nigerian music can now get to know more about the multi-talented artist and African Dance Machine who's behind the success of Sugarcane Girl and African Lady, his two hit singles.

Nuel King also known as Emmanuel Edwards, is a fast rising R&B music artist who hails from Delta state, Nigeria. This young star spent his early years growing up in several places. At the age of 4, his parents moved to the beautiful city of Calabar in Cross River State where he stayed a little while before they moved to the city of Port Harcourt in Rivers State where he spent more time growing up. He's also lived temporarily in places such as Atlanta Georgia in the united states, UK and South Africa.

Nuel King now currently resides in Lagos where he believes is the best place in the African continent to achieve his dreams. Furthermore, while growing up he joined the church choir alongside his two sisters who also sing, Joy Edwards and Maureen Edwards. He also became a drummer boy in church and later learnt a bit of the piano. Nuel king is also very much more passionate about dancing and entertaining people and draws inspiration from the legendary king of pop, Michael Jackson  also Usher and Chris brown.

Nuel King is a professional choreographer, Singer, Creative Director and Actor.

Nuel King Biography, Emmanuel Edwards, The African Dance Machine, Nigerian Music Artist, RnB singer, Naija Music
The multi-talented artist took a bold step into the world of entertainment when he officially unveiled his debut single titled "Sugarcane Girl" with a music video that was shot in South Africa by Gross Pictures which has the video director Alisha Ludick known for shooting Nigeria's superstar Maye Hunta's "Ekaette" video and also Timaya's "Plantain Boy" and "Who Born You". 

Nuel King who is being managed and promoted by 411 Entertainment, a renowned management company in Nigeria owned by business/Media Entrepreneur Akpor Gbemre is now in partnership with a new Record Label SlickCity Empire - owned by a group of young entrepreneurs who returned from London, UK to start off a company known as SlickTv in Nigeria.

This youngstar who also has a nick name that goes along with his talent known as "The African Dance Machine" is full of life and blazing hot as he promises his fan base and audience to always bring them good music, thrilling videos and hot Live performances. He released an official debut music video for "Sugarcane Girl", in September of 2012, and the hot video has continued to enjoy lots of airplays allover till date. 

Nuel King has been on the Big Friday show on Mtv base Africa with Basket Mouth in December 2012. And this 2013 new year he officially drops a new video on television titled "African Lady".

Follow Nuel King on Twitter @IamNuelKing
Follow SlickCity Empire on Twitter @SlickCityEmpire
For bookings, contact email is:

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Tiwa Savage Ife Wa Gbona meaning - Nigerian Yoruba Music

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Tiwa Savage Ife Wa Gbona meaning is explained on Nigeria's music network. Tiwa Savage Ife Wa Gbona featuring Leo Wonder portrays lots of message about love or Ife in Yoruba language.

Tiwa Savage Photo (Full Shot)

Ife Wa Gbona Meaning

What does Ife wa gbona mean? If you've ever wanted to know what Tiwa Savage's "Ife wa gbona" mean, you are a good thinker, a knowledge seeker, and a true Nigerian music lover.

In the Yoruba language, "Ife" means "Love", and "Wa" means "Come" but in this context - it means "Our" or "Us". Not to forget, "Gbona
" in Yoruba means "Hot". So, Tiwa Savage's "Ife Wa Gbona" means "Our Love is Hot".

It is important to note that Tiwa Savage is the first lady of Mavin Records - where Don Jazzy, a multi-
award winning record producer, manages Nigerian artists on the label including but not limited to Wande Coal, Dr. Sid, D'Prince, etc.

Watch the music video for Tiwa Savage's Ife Wa Gbona ft. Leo Wonder.

Nigerian music is here to say, and it promotes bi-lingualism, which is a feat every Nigerian should possess in order to understand three Nigeria's major languages: Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa.

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How Mr. May D got his stage name "May D" -Naija Music Blog

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Naija Music Blog 

Have you ever wondered how Mr May D (Akinmayokun Awodunmila) got his stage name "May D"? This are some of the things curious Nigerians and May D fans think about and would like to know. 

May D photo

How May D came up with his name

Former Square Records artist and ex-colleague of P-Square, May D, has disclosed how he came up with his stage name in an exclusive interview with Adeola Adeyemo of BellaNaija i.e., "May D Interview".

Before revealing how May D got his stage name, we thought the following insight into May D's background will enlight you our reader on the Nigerian artist. The following excerpt was culled from BellaNaija:
He might have started off on the smaller stage, but May D is definitely a star of the big stage now. Real names, Akinmayokun Awodunmila, he started building his career as a member of a dance and singing duo called “Just Us” in secondary school. Whilst still a student at University of Lagos and after his partner relocated to the UK, he continued developing his art; recording songs, performing at shows until he got a big break, getting signed on to Square Records. For four years, May D worked closely with Nigerian music stars, P-Square until the management announced a surprise split some months ago. However, he has moved on to other things – released a new single “Use Me”, launched his own record label “Confam Entertainment” and has put his past behind. The “Sound Track” and “Ile Ijo” crooner opened up to Bellanaija’s Adeola Adeyemo at an exclusive interview, speaking about his career, his split with Square Records and his future plans.

So, how did you come up with the name May D?

You know, my name is Mayokun when you remove the Akin. All the boys in the house, our name starts with Akin – Akinyemi, Akinwumni, Akintayo….. I took the first three letters of Mayokun to form May and D from my surname.

As a reminder, after May D left Square Records, he made a swift move to launch his own record label known as "Confam entertainment". So, upcoming Nigerian artist that has what it takes should not hesitate to reach out to the Ile Ijo crooner for a record deal opportunity. You can follow May D on Twitter @MisterMayD.

So, there you have it - you
now know how May D came up with his stage name. We hope you found this information useful on Nigeria's music network. Fans of May D, make sure to stay up-to-date on what the Nigerian artist is up to by following May D on all social networks.

The full May D interview is published by BellaNaija here:
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Natalie Nunn Loves African Culture, Talks “NAWTI” Video Shoot With Olu Maintain

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She is often called hot, America’s official bad girl. Call her ‘Nawti’ too and you’d hit the nail right on the head! She has been associated with popular celebs like Wiz Khalifa, Fabolous and other big stars in the American entertainment industry and yes, she is the lead vixen in Olu Maintain‘s NAWTi video, having dated a Nigerian for seven years.

Recently, Natalie featured in Olu Maintain’s latest music “NAWTi” video and people can’t stop wondering how she “clicked” into lyrics as if she is Funke, Halimat, or Tolani.

In this interview, Natalie Nunn bares her mind on her love for African culture and, her “Naija Connection” to Eromo Egbejule.


Meeting Olu Maintain and working with him must have been quite a memorable experience. How did it all begin and how did it go?

Meeting Olu Maintain was awesome. I’ve always been such a cultural type of girl love to travel, learn about other cultures and the pop culture differences between America and other places. So when I was on set with Olu all day I would ask him questions about Nigeria hahaha. When my manager came to me with this project, my only request was to hear the song, understand the meaning and of course know exactly what Olu would want me to do in the video. After I read the script, heard the song and understood the meaning, my reply was “OMG THIS IS GONNA BE SO MUCH FUN, YES I WANT TO DO IT!”

Ever been to Nigeria or Africa? Does Olu have plans of bringing you down here soon?

I have never been to Africa or Nigeria but I love the Nigerian culture and would love to travel to Nigeria or even Africa. Olu and I have spoken about me coming to Lagos and doing some positive fun things there. Hopefully soon.

Seeing as the ‘Nawti’ video is the rave of the moment and is getting positive reviews, will you be getting involved with more African musicians? Like G.O.O.D Music’s D’banj for instance who is in the US too?

Yes, I love Nigerian music and Olu is actually not the only person I have known who’s a Nigerian singer. I dated Olamide Faison for seven years who was not a Nigerian singer but whose family was Nigerian. I have heard of D’ banj who’s signed to GOOD music. And me doing another music video? It would just have to be a project that I would like to be a part of.

You French-kissed Olu Maintain in the video and you are by all standards a beauty, just as much as he is cute. Was there an attraction and sex afterwards maybe? Is a relationship brewing?

My kiss in the video with Olu Maintain was a part of the script. I played the ‘NAWTI’ main girl in the video! Olu is a very charming young man and has a great personality and very handsome but we are nothing but friends!

So what keeps you superhot and sexy? Is there a particular beauty regimen or routine you’ve got?

I love to work out and get the body sexy and everything nice and tight. I also make sure I eat healthy food to give me the energy that I need for my busy schedule. I also try and make sure I keep my stomach in shape and my butt nice and tight.

Heard about the #OccupyNigeria events, yeah? What are your thoughts?

I have heard about the Occupy Nigeria events and the issue with the gas prices nearly doubling and all the protest. I also understand that Nigeria is very different from America with the way the government is handled but I will never completely understand everything unless I am from there or lived in it. I just pray for everyone’s safety and hope that all of the issues can be resolved without hurting any other innocent people! On that note I love the Nigerian people and the culture can’t wait to come to Nigeria so I can meet and see all the beautiful ‘NAWTI NAWTI’ people! Bless.

-Nigeria Music Network!
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