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Nigerian Afrobeat Singer/Producer JJC To Debut In Nollywood

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Could JJC possibly have what it takes to succeed as a Nollywood actor? or may be as a Nollywood producer? According to news reports, JJC Skillz to debut in Nollywood in 2013.

"We Are Africans" crooner himself, JJC.  

As a well-known Nigerian music artist, when JJC is wearing his producer hat he goes under his alias 'Skillz'. Seems like JJC is looking to explore the vast opportunities and untapped potentials in Nollywood.

Nollywood should get ready for a new comer - his name happens to be JJC, which stands for "Johnny Just Come"; but this Johnny has got Skillz!!

According to a recent story published on Nigeria's LeaderShip Newspaper, "JJC To Debut in Nollywood".

JJC, born in Kano State as Abdulrasheed Bello Buhari is popularly known in the UK as the producer and creator of the multi-platinum and award winning group, ‘Big Brovaz’ is set to debut in Nollywood anytime soon.

The artiste whose heat song ‘We Are African’ has been remixed seven times in different countries is on a tour around the country promoting his new hit ‘Shank’.  He recently told Entertainment Rendezvous that Nigerian music industry is a threat to the world, adding that apart from establishing his own style of music, he is coming into Nollywood as an actor anytime soon.

In his words, ‘I will say the Nigeria Music industry of today is a threat to the rest of the world. As long as we keep working together, collaborating, showing support to the next generation I think we are going to supersede our counterparts because I think we have population and innovation on our side. And we travel a lot. Just like I said in my other song, we have got rhythm from the day we are born and that’s why we are Africans,’ (laughs)

‘I see myself establishing my style of music, the electro-afro beat. I also hope to create new stuff that would enable and challenge the new and old generation to move forward from TV to audio and most especially now, I want to get into Nollywood. So in 2013 you will see JJC in Nollywood,’’ were his conclusive words.


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Nigeria's Fast-Rising Duo, Bracket, To Receive Honorary Award In The U.S

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Nigeria's fast-rising duo group, and 'Yori Yori' crooners, Bracket, is highly becoming a house hold name in North America.

Thanks to their fans and supporters in diaspora, the Enugu born duo, Bracket, is poised to receive a Honorary award from the city of Philadelphia at the African American Museum of Philadelphia in a  Banquet event scheduled for August 3, 2012.

They will join the likes of Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey who received a similar recognition in Boston.

Although, Bracket have been met with challenges and unforeseen circumstances along the way, they aren’t slowing down either and are taking North America by storm with their new album release, even though Yori Yori still remains indisputably the most popular. Also, they will be performing at the 5th Annual African Music Festival, September 4, kicking off a one month tour in Philly – BRACKET-MANIA RELOADED, AUG 5 through September 2, 2012.

The ACANA festival is hosted  by ACANA in collaboration with AfriQtalk, the African American Museum of Philadelphia, Delaware River Waterfront Corporation,World Audience Promotions, and Peco Energy. The African Music Festival is a one day free event, sponsored by the Philadelphia Mayor’s Commission on African & Caribbean Immigrant Affairs, Department of Behavioral Health & Intellectual Disabilities, Children Crisis Treatment Center, Browns Family Shoprite, Cozen O’Connor, The Welcoming Center, Chester Avenue Business Association, Funtimes Magazine, and Liberian United Women in Progress.

Who is ACANA? African Cultural Alliance of North America Inc., ACANA was founded in Southwest Philadelphia in 1999 in order to bridge the gap between African immigrants and the existing African American communities in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, an area of the city where most of the agency’s targeted clients, (African refugees, asylum seekers, and other immigrant populations) have been resettled. ACANA was originally started by Voffee Jabateh, MSW, as a cultural organization to support African artists/ musicians in their efforts to establish themselves within the United States.

The goal is to help African immigrant artists ensure continuity within their new location, as well as to assist in cultural preservation within this new environment. However, due to overwhelming requests for additional help by the ever-expanding population of African refugee, asylee and immigrant community members in dealing with the stressors associated with adjusting to their new community; ACANA was incorporated in 1999 as a non-profit social service agency.

Source: XlusiveMedia

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PAYDAY: Wizkid Gets N3 Million For One Hour Of Performance

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For those wondering, 3 million naira is equivalent to 20,000 USD and about 13,000 GBP.

Fortune must really be smiling on the newest kid on the block in the music scene in Nigeria at the moment and if possible, for a very long time; I am talking about no other person than Ayo Balogun Ibrahim known in the entertainment industry as Wizkid “Weezy”. There is no doubt in the fact that he is right now the best thing happening in the music industry at the moment.

Since his debut album “Super Star”, he has been head lining musical concerts and growing from strength to strength which makes him the envy of all other artistes at the moment. This also means more money to the singer. Just recently, he was contacted to perform at an Oando sponsored event which was held at the city hall penultimate week where he performed alongside O4kasibe crooner DJ Zeez.

It will interest you to know that he was paid a whopping N1.5million for his less than 1hr performance; but just after his performance and he was about leaving the stage, the MD/C.E.O of Oando PLC, Mr. Wale Tinubu, beckoned on the young singer and told him to continue and as a result, eyewitness said an additional N1.5million was added to his fee.

The elated Wizkid obviously amazed and short of words sang Wale Tinubu's praises to heaven. He was heard singing something like “Uncle Wale, Wan bad gan; Uncle Mi, Uncle Wale wan bad gan”. If Na you nko, sey you no go turn hip hop music to Fuji, not when you see the money involved. It's your time bro; make you spend it well and not laolao like they say.

-Nigeria Music Network
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