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Hip-Hop or not, I’m a woman – Sasha speaks

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Her real name is Antonia Yetunde Alabi but maybe First Lady of Nigeria’s hip hop will ring more of a bell. Sasha is a law graduate who ventured into music more than eight years ago and now holds both local and international awards to her credit.

Her single Adara which she released in 2008 stamped her name hard to the pages of fame. The song in 2009 gave her the Best female artist award at the women in entertainment award ceremony held in England.

She also took home the Channel O awards for the best female video awards before being pronounced as MTV base Africa best female artiste in 2010.

Saturday Vanguard recently engaged this ebony skinned bundle of talent in a chat where she speaks about her law degree, music career and the shocking consequences it could have on her love life.

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Sasha, Nigerian Hip-Hop rapperYou have a clothing line, how well is it doing?

Eclectic by Sasha is still on but I only attend to my clients just on one on one basis and it’s going to be so for now. I’m still working on my retail collection that should be out before the end of this year.

It will be a mini-launch because I have to focus on my album which is coming out at the same time. So that people can know where to buy ready-to-wear clothes and then they won’t need to email or call me. For now, you place your order and it’s custom made for you.

Tell us about this new album? 

My new album is titled Sasha speaks. It’s ready, I’m just waiting for an official date. It’s not however going to be an album launch per say, but an album listening session.

The album title explains it all. It is basically speaking about a lot of issues and nothing specific. For example on the Lagos stereotype where they play songs and people think all these Lagos girls are materialist or wayward.

I tried to counter that in my songs as I speak on how I live and enjoy Lagos and not be way ward. You can be a giddy babe and be just cool.

Will you tag yourself a tomboy?

No o! I know I started off as a tom boy because a lot of things that my female friends will do were not interesting to me except for maybe shopping (laughs).

I probably started of as a tom boy because I was a bit more brazen, adventurous and outspoken but I don’t really think I am anymore. I’m a woman now I’ve grown over the years; that I am feisty doesn’t mean that I’m manly

But do you think your fans know this?

Well I feel there is a lot of work to be done where communicating artiste are in respect to the Nigerian audience.

Some people understand, some people don’t get it. That is why people in the industry need to bridge a lot of such communication gaps. Because for instance when you hear hip hop, rap, you’re thinking, 2pac, Biggy or people getting shot and so your orientation of what a hip hop artiste is will be founded by these false illusions.

For me, I call myself a poet, a motivational speaker. People say when they see me on stage I look so aggressive. I believe that the content of what you are saying matters. If you watch the Adara video, I wasn’t aggressive there because of the message in the song.

You have to communicate your message in your songs. The fact is that I might be aggressive when I’m on stage, but then, I try to communicate my message to the audience. I hate to be a tom boy. 

Do you think this has discouraged male admirers?

Well I certainly hope not, because I’m an African woman and African women are the strong confident ones and this is exactly how we expect our men to be. But then I don’t just come at you and dare you. I’m not that kind of person.

If a man is confident in himself then whatever it is that I am doing should not be a deterant to whatever it is he feels about me. It should not be a problem. But I do get to hear people say ha!

Sasha you have to calm down o! because you know you might be scaring men away but then I say what have I done to scare anyone. I mean this is what I do and so it depends really on the individual. It’s not about age or about anything. It’s about the confidence of the person involved.

I don’t see why you should see my performances as a deterant to anything that you might have in mind.

What kind of a man will like to have?

God fearing. I know that sounds more like a clitche now you know let him be tall, dark and handsome but you know for real I want my man to be God fearing. The thing is when a man fears God then you should know that every thing else follows.

I also want him to be someone that is very confident, hardworking and has ambitions.

And is there a man who fits that picture now in your life?

(laughs) I don’t talk about my personal life if that’s what you mean.

Ok tell us how you were able to combine law and music?

It wasn’t easy for most parts but as much as it wasn’t easy it was easy, I don’t know if that makes sense but most of the time I was in school things were a bit slow and then when I come back on holidays that’s when I have my shows, concerts and interviews with the media is easy to conduct.

I really had to priortise. But then, law and a music career have a lot of familiarities. You have to have a great memory and you have to be hard working as well. These are the core requirements and I think that it made it easier for me.

Will you ever practice law?

For me personally I’ve never really wanted to be in the court room although there are some parts of law in the advanced stages that are interesting to me such such as Mediation.

Some people don’t like to go court and so when there are issues they call in mediators to try and settle issues without necessarily going to court. I also like company secretary or corporate secretary where you could give or have legal advice.

There are a lot of other things that could be done with law that you don’t have to be in court to do. I like settling arguments but I don’t think I’ll love to do that in court.

Do you think leaving school for a music career is worth it?

It’s not. I come from the old where education is very important. My mother was a retired principal so I come from a family where education is very keen. Education is quite a key asset.

I believe every one should have some formal education for some any kind of career that it is you want to do.

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Annie Macaulay fights friend over 2Face Idibia

by Nigeria Music Network / 3,153 Views

The last time Annie Macaulay talked about her relationship with 2Face Idibia her ex-beau and father to her daughter, it was on a note of finality.

“We have our lives to live. I don’t care what he does with his life”, she’d gushed to Weekend Groove.

But all that bravado may have been doused by her recent outburst on the wall of social network twitter where she poured venom on her former friend, one Dr. Ojia.

Annie Macaulay, 2Face Idibia girl friendOjia, an Abuja based medical practitioner is reported to be the hottest item on 2Face’s menu list and our source say, this development has not gone down well with Annie who felt betrayed by her bosom friend.

‘Worst human I ve ever met…..Ojia! I don’t talk behind people’s backz.. I say it as it is! Beware people, of the very confused Doctor!! DEVIL in disguise‘.

Ojie who’s name has been associated with many prominent names in the entertainment industry is said to have also dated former West African Idol winner Timi Dakolo.

She is allegedly involved in a sizzling affair with the Benue State born super star musician.

By Adebimpe Adesegun

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May7ven Wears New Look, Signs Record Deal

by Nigeria Music Network / 980 Views

This may not sound like much of a news to some of you, but this upcoming Naija artists have got some talents, and on Nigeria Music Network we expose fresh talents to the world. In a recent publication on NET Newspaper, we gathered that Nigerian Singer/song writer Yemisi May Odegbami better known as May7ven has changed her look as you can see in the photo below provided by NET.

The energetic singer recently surprised her fans and friends when she stepped out rocking an all-white hairdo at the recently held Afrobeats Festival in London HMV where she performed alongside Nigerian pop duo Psqaure, Wizkid, Ice Prince and others.


In a chat with the singer who also doubles as a dancer, she said ‘In my everyday life I am far more adventurous and sexier than May7ven, so I decided to apply a bit of me. Besides, every female in UK and Nigeria looks the same and copy each other‘.

‘I want to stand out, lead, pioneer and compete with the best in style, talent, looks and grace. I don’t want to look like anyone, especially artistes in this world‘, she added.

May7ven also disclosed to Nigerian Entertainment Today that she recently signed with a UK-based record label SRE (Skata Records Entertainement) and she is currently working on her album. ‘I’m daily writing and recording. I’ve done remixes with Wizkid, Dotstar, Iceprince, Dr. SID and others. My videos will be out by the end of September’, May7ven disclosed.

She also informed that she would be releasing another single in September 2011. According to her, the single ‘will be the first afrobeat song registered and released on the UK charts’.

May7ven, daughter to Ex-Nigerian Super Eagles player Segun Odegbami grew up in UK where her professional career began back in 2008, but has now set her sights on the highly competitive Nigerian market to make a name with her singles ‘Bo so lara mi’ and ‘ Number'.

Source: NET 

What do you think of May7ven's new look? Are you a fan of her music? Share your opinion.

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Femi Kuti and Durella to collaborate upcoming single

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Afrobeat maestro and iconic musician Femi Kuti has collaborated with pop act Durella on a song titled ‘Back to sender‘.

Sources say Durella who had written the song about a month ago felt it needed someone other than himself on the track, he pitched the song to Femi Kuti who was at the time in Abuja and the saxophonist liked it.

The song which, according to Durella’s manager Milez sounds like ‘a typical Durella song’ was recorded yesterday, August 24, 2011 at Koga Studios, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos.

Those present at the recording say Femi was happy to record the song and was heard to have said ‘It’s nice to do this, It has made me connect with the Nigerian youth again’.

Durella recently signed on with new record label Ikonic Music and plans to release his third album ‘Back, Better and Bada‘ mid September...


Femi Kuti is the oldest son of the late Nigerian superstar Fela Kuti. Fela pioneered the sprawling big band sound called afrobeat. His 45-minute musical tirades against Nigeria's power elite lead to violent confrontations, and in 1984, the government jailed him on a trumped up currency charge. Femi, who had quit school to play alto sax in his father's band back in 1978, stepped up to lead the band for the next two years. In 1986, Fela returned and Femi split off to form his own group, Positive Force.

Continuing in the afrobeat tradition, Femi built around a solid, six-piece horn section and two strong percussionists. With guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and four singer/dancers, his band numbered 17. Like Fela, Femi sang about power politics, but with a lighter touch, and in briefer form.

While Fela was still active and on the scene, Femi was constantly being compared to his father. Femi said in a 1995 interview, "It's like a challenge for me. I know I have a lot to live up to. So if I find that my father works two hours a day, I will work eight hours a day." The work paid off. After an initial period of skepticism, Fela became a fan of his son's music, and Positive Force won a solid following in Nigeria. The band completed six European tours and recorded two albums in Nigeria between 1988 and 1994, and another in Paris in 1995. Then Femi and Positive Force debuted in the U.S. as part of the 1995 Africa Fête tour.

Femi's biggest breaks came after his father's death from AIDS in 1997. As the inheritor of the afrobeat mantle, Femi found himself in demand everywhere. He had honed his composing and arranging skills and was rewarded by a record deal with MCA for his excellent 1999 release, Shoki Shoki. We wish Femi the best of luck.


The boy born in the zanga, brought up in the lungu, hustled on the streets and now rightly crowned the King of The Zanga, Durella remains the enigma turning the world into his fan base.

Durella was born to Mr and Mrs Okulaja, who named him Oluwadamilare (the Lord as rewarded me). Going to secondary school in Lagos, brought the love of music out in Durella. With performances at schools events leading to a loyal following of adoring fans in and around his school, Durella knew then, as he does now, that performing as an artiste was what he wanted to do.

He was earlier influenced by the great RnB groups of the 90s and regularly sang the ballads that made girls weak at the knees. This brought to him an understanding of the power of lyrics, while developing his own unique style of writing, Durella discovered and fell in love with B.I.G. The album “ready to die” became his must play.

In February 2006, at a chanced meeting in the town of Ibadan, Durella met executives from TC Records while performing at a fashion show. Real recognized Real and a deal was signed a week later. Durella’s First Album, The King of The Zanga is already been hailed as the best debut Album that will hit Nigeria with hits like “In the Zanga”, “SHAYO”, “Gunner’s Anthem”, “Queen of My Zanga” and “Wiskolo Wiska”. All this before the album is released.

Durella’s Album “King of the Zanga” was released in November 2008 and it’s fast becoming the must have album of 2009. With the video release of Enu O se in Febuary 2009, TC Records through Durella once again has laid down a mark of quaility in the ever growing Nigerian Music Industry. 

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