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Four years later, Nigeria's P-Square resurrects Michael Jackson in 'Personally'

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If you are yet to watch Peter and Paul Okoye of P-Square's latest music video titled 'Personally', which was in memorial of the late pop king Michael Jackson; then you are sleeping on a bike. Because, four years later (after death), Nigeria's P-Square resurrects Michael Jackson!

Nigeria Music Network team members really praise Peter and Paul Okoye of P-Square for resurrecting the late pop king Michael Jackson in their creative music video 'Personally'. The video is a gift from P-Square to the world in appreciation of the impact the late music legend had on their career and that of many others - one way or another. June 25th every year is a big day as the world remembers Michael Jackson.

Nigeria's kings of AfroPop music, P-Square have said undeniably several times when asked who they got their influence from; they always mentioned Michael Jackson. In the music video for 'Personally', Paul Okoye did most of the singing as usual while Peter Okoye took care of the Michael Jackson dance moves - in a way never done before in Nigeria, Africa, and even internationally.

It must have took the duo P-Square several months if not years of training to have been able to perfect Michael Jackson's dance moves to this extent. The PSquare Personally music video have the power to keep you glued to your seats and no doubt; most people, if not everyone; would watch the music video more than once. 

P-Square - Personally (Michael Jackson Tribute Music Video)


Michael Jackson (Born August 29, 1958 – Died June 25, 2009) was an American singer-songwriter, dancer, businessman and philanthropist. Often referred to as the "King of Pop", or by his initials MJ, Jackson is recognized as the most successful entertainer of all time by Guinness World Records. His contributions to music, dance, and fashion, along with his publicized personal life, made him a global figure in popular culture for over four decades. (See more about Michael Jackson on Wikipedia)

In memorial of the late King of Pop and on behalf of P-Square's Personally, an MJ tribute video, we at Nigeria Music Network say....long live Michael Jackson for his music and impact lives forever!

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D'banj at 7th Annual LudaDay Weekend, ATL (Photos of Dbanj @ Ludacris Weekend)

by Mercy Duru / 1,600 Views

Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo popularly known as D'banj as his stage name, was recently spotted at the 2012 7th Annual LudaDay Weekend in Atlanta, Georgia with the DTP boss himself, Ludacris. Photos of D'banj with Ludacris were taken at the LudaDay Weekend event. 

Dbanj at Ludacris Weekend in ATL 

Ever since news broke about D'banj signing a record deal with Kanye West's GOOD Music, the former Mo Hits record boss has been gaining lots of international recognition, especially in the UK, and US. The photo below shows D'banj hanging out with Ludacris at the LudaDay Weekend. 

D'banj and Ludacris photo, during the LudaDay Weekend in ATL. 

The 7th Annual LudaDay Weekend was made possible by The Ludacris Foundation, Disturbing Tha Peace Records, and Ebony Son Management; in partnership with Soul by Ludacris Headphones. The importance of giving back to the community was the primary focus of the LudaDay Weekend 2012. Below is another photo of D'banj and Akon at the LudaDay Weekend in ATL. 

Akon and D'banj during the LudaDay weekend in Atlanta, Georgia 

According to information gathered from, LudaDay Weekend has executed several community initiatives in year’s past including;  inviting hundreds of youth to a complimentary Braves baseball game at Turner Field,  giveaway of 20 new cars to underprivileged families, donations to Mayor Kasim Reed’s Centers for Hope, donations to Morehouse College, and the list goes on…

More photos of Dbanj in ATL below, this also happen to be a Labor Day weekend in the United States. 

D'banj with Cydel Young, better known as CyHi Da Prynce. 

Ludacris shares his sentiments on the weekend stating, “there’s always tons of surprises, celebrities, and nightlife activities, but the focus of LudaDay Weekend has always been, and always will be, on giving back to the community…we’re 7 years in and counting, with each year reaching new heights!”

We hope D'banj will tap into some of the entrepreneurial skills of the ATL-based lyrical rapper, Ludacris, who has remained relevant both in the rap scene and music industry consistently for a long time. Besides Ludacris, the LudaDay Weekend was graced by many big names in the music industry and entrepreneurs alike. 

-By Kevin Onuma (Nigeria Music Network Staff Writer) 


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Natalie Nunn Loves African Culture, Talks “NAWTI” Video Shoot With Olu Maintain

by Nigeria Music Network / 4,996 Views

She is often called hot, America’s official bad girl. Call her ‘Nawti’ too and you’d hit the nail right on the head! She has been associated with popular celebs like Wiz Khalifa, Fabolous and other big stars in the American entertainment industry and yes, she is the lead vixen in Olu Maintain‘s NAWTi video, having dated a Nigerian for seven years.

Recently, Natalie featured in Olu Maintain’s latest music “NAWTi” video and people can’t stop wondering how she “clicked” into lyrics as if she is Funke, Halimat, or Tolani.

In this interview, Natalie Nunn bares her mind on her love for African culture and, her “Naija Connection” to Eromo Egbejule.


Meeting Olu Maintain and working with him must have been quite a memorable experience. How did it all begin and how did it go?

Meeting Olu Maintain was awesome. I’ve always been such a cultural type of girl love to travel, learn about other cultures and the pop culture differences between America and other places. So when I was on set with Olu all day I would ask him questions about Nigeria hahaha. When my manager came to me with this project, my only request was to hear the song, understand the meaning and of course know exactly what Olu would want me to do in the video. After I read the script, heard the song and understood the meaning, my reply was “OMG THIS IS GONNA BE SO MUCH FUN, YES I WANT TO DO IT!”

Ever been to Nigeria or Africa? Does Olu have plans of bringing you down here soon?

I have never been to Africa or Nigeria but I love the Nigerian culture and would love to travel to Nigeria or even Africa. Olu and I have spoken about me coming to Lagos and doing some positive fun things there. Hopefully soon.

Seeing as the ‘Nawti’ video is the rave of the moment and is getting positive reviews, will you be getting involved with more African musicians? Like G.O.O.D Music’s D’banj for instance who is in the US too?

Yes, I love Nigerian music and Olu is actually not the only person I have known who’s a Nigerian singer. I dated Olamide Faison for seven years who was not a Nigerian singer but whose family was Nigerian. I have heard of D’ banj who’s signed to GOOD music. And me doing another music video? It would just have to be a project that I would like to be a part of.

You French-kissed Olu Maintain in the video and you are by all standards a beauty, just as much as he is cute. Was there an attraction and sex afterwards maybe? Is a relationship brewing?

My kiss in the video with Olu Maintain was a part of the script. I played the ‘NAWTI’ main girl in the video! Olu is a very charming young man and has a great personality and very handsome but we are nothing but friends!

So what keeps you superhot and sexy? Is there a particular beauty regimen or routine you’ve got?

I love to work out and get the body sexy and everything nice and tight. I also make sure I eat healthy food to give me the energy that I need for my busy schedule. I also try and make sure I keep my stomach in shape and my butt nice and tight.

Heard about the #OccupyNigeria events, yeah? What are your thoughts?

I have heard about the Occupy Nigeria events and the issue with the gas prices nearly doubling and all the protest. I also understand that Nigeria is very different from America with the way the government is handled but I will never completely understand everything unless I am from there or lived in it. I just pray for everyone’s safety and hope that all of the issues can be resolved without hurting any other innocent people! On that note I love the Nigerian people and the culture can’t wait to come to Nigeria so I can meet and see all the beautiful ‘NAWTI NAWTI’ people! Bless.

-Nigeria Music Network!
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50 Cent Interview: Thoughts On "Watch The Throne", His New Mixtape "The Big 10" & More

by Nigeria Music Network / 912 Views

Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson talks about the mixtape scene along with his music in the past 10 years, his new artist Paris, his initiative to feed a billion people with StreetKing, his opinion on "Watch The Throne", details on his new SMS headphones that are now out now, his book on bullying, new mixtape "The Big 10" & more!

Listen to 50 Cent's interview with DJ Whoo Kid on Shade 45, click the play button below:

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Michael Jackson is world’s top dead earner

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NEW YORK – For a second straight year Michael Jackson is the world’s top dead earner, according to a macabre list compiled by Forbes magazine of stars whose earning power remains undiminished beyond the grave.

The King of Pop, who died two years ago at the age of 50, brought in $170 million for his estate over the past 12 months, enough to place him ahead of every other pop music act of the past year — both living and dead — except for Irish rock band U2.

Elvis came in second place, earning $55 million, thanks to his evergreen songbook and a hit Las Vegas stage production featuring his tunes mounted by Cirque de Soleil.

In third place was movie siren Marilyn Monroe, who had $27 million in earnings over the past year.

“Peanuts” cartoon creator Charles Schulz was fourth while Beatles’ legend John Lennon tied for fifth place with screen goddess Elizabeth Taylor, both earning $12 million.

While much of Lennon’s revenues came as payment from other musicians performing his music, Taylor’s largely came from her best-selling perfume White Diamonds. The fragrance had gross sales of $54 million in the United States in 2010, according to industry experts cited by Forbes.

Taylor’s estate also appears likely to net handsomely from a December sale later this year by the Christie’s auction house featuring the late actress’s jewels, art work and gowns. Experts said it could fetch $30 million.

Forbes, which compiled its list by consulting agents, lawyers and other experts, said the year’s 15 deceased top earners were:

1. Michael Jackson

2. Elvis Presley

3. Marilyn Monroe

4. “Peanuts” cartoon creator Charles Schulz

5. John Lennon, tied with Elizabeth Taylor

7. Theoretical physicist Albert Einstein

8. Children’s author Theodor “Dr. Seuss” Geisel

9. Rock legend Jimi Hendrix

10. Swedish writer Stieg Larsson

11. Hollywood actor Steve McQueen

12. Legendary composer Richard Rodgers

13. Beatle George Harrison, tied with American pin-up girl Bettie Page and pop art creator Andy Warhol.

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