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How To Share Your 'Naija' Music Video on Nigeria Music Network

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This How-To tutorial tells you how to share your 'Naija' music videos on Nigeria Music Network, a music video sharing platform for uplifting-promoting the Nigerian music industry, an initiative of proud Nigerians. It is quite easy to share Naija music videos on our green-clean platform, a spam-free environment.

Literally, you can share 'Naija' music videos from over 50 popular video sources on Nigeria Music Network, a music video sharing platform. Google's YouTube is currently the most popular video source used across the web, which explains why most of the music videos shared on our platform are from YouTube. Daily Motion, Vimeo, Yahoo videos, MTV videos, just to name a few.

If you're not a Nigerian recording artist (whether upcoming or already popular), but want to support your favorite recording artist and feel like sharing some good Naija music videos you discovered (watched) on YouTube, guess what? Nigeria Music Network gives you a free profile to do just that, and more.

reate a free profile and share those good Nigerian music videos
on your channel (whether Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, Pasuma, or Oriental Brothers, etc., any music genre, be it Fuji or Afrobeat, etc.,) - then share with friends, invite them to the Nigerian community. Introduce your friends to good Nigerian music, culture, and help shape their perspective towards Nigeria, Africa, in good light. You can also track every single music video you share on Nigeria Music Network via your profile.

You've read our positive rants. Click HERE to suggest Naija music videos from YouTube you like or want to support. BTW, if ever you're bored, and want to chat, we're real people and you can chat with us anytime. Maybe you can motivate us towards creating a chat room, on our platform for the Nigerian online community? Anyway, use this Contact Form to say hi and don't forget to mention where you're writing from! 

Daily Motion is another popular video source used across the web, after YouTube. Therefore, you can also share your Naija music videos from DailyMotion to Nigeria Music Network - effectively. Other popular video sources you can add music videos from to our platform are Myspace, Vimeo, MTV Music, UStream, and many other video sources.

Below is a screenshot of what our music video suggestion form looks like. Please fill in relevant and enough information about your music video before suggesting (sending) for inclusion on Nigeria Music Network: 


Screenshot for how to suggest a music video on Nigeria Music Network.

How To Share Your 'Naija' Music Video on Nigeria Music Network

If your 'Naija' music video(s) are hosted on YouTube, it is very easy to suggest your video for inclusion on Nigeria Music Network's musical platform. First, you upload your music video to YouTube, then submit link of your newly uploaded YouTube video to Nigeria Music Network, by clicking Suggest

To suggest your 'Naija' music video on Nigeria Music Network, follow the steps outlined below:

1. As you can see in the screenshot above, the first option is to select the source of the video url where your music is hosted. In this case, we are going to assume the source of your music video is YouTube, and that you are submitting a music video by JJC titled "We Are Africans (Naija remix)". 

2. After selecting YouTube as your video source from the drop down button, the next step is to copy your music video url from YouTube and paste in the video suggestion form on Nigeria Music Network - in the open box after selecting YouTube as your video source.

3. The next step is to select the category where your 'Naija' music video best fits. In this case, we assume that you selected "Afro Beat" as the preferred category for the music video you are suggesting on our platform.

4. Continue with the video suggestion form by filling in the appropriate name ("The Artist") of the musician, and the title of the music video being submitted.

5. After filling-in the name of the artist and video title of the music video, the next step is to provide a clear description of what the song is about - in correct English (US/UK).

6. Finally, just before pressing the Send button, there is an option to fill-in the appropriate "Tags" for the music video you just submitted. For example, in the screenshot above for submission of JJC's "We Are Africans (Naija remix)" music video, the following relevant tags were used: JJC, We Are Africans,  Naija remix, Big Boyz 

As you can see, it is that easy to share 'Naija' music videos on Nigeria Music Network.

Mind you, you must be a registered member on Nigeria Music Network to share music videos on the platform. If you are not yet a member, click Register to start sharing 'Naija' music videos - you as a musician own, or you as a music lover - want to support. Anyone can share, favorite, rate, and comment on 'Naija' music videos on Nigeria Music Network. 

Nigeria Music Network has zero tolerance on spam, and has taken drastic actions to keep the platform clean and free of spammers. Spam is the use of electronic messaging or video suggestion system to send unsolicited messages/links or irrelevant videos, especially advertising, indiscriminately to a specific website.

Therefore, we strive to keep the Nigeria Music Network platform clean and free for all to enjoy continuous Nigerian music for commentary, regardless of where you are located - be it in diaspora or on the continent; Nigeria Music Network was built to suit the global audience.


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