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Nigerian Afrobeat Singer/Producer JJC To Debut In Nollywood

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Could JJC possibly have what it takes to succeed as a Nollywood actor? or may be as a Nollywood producer? According to news reports, JJC Skillz to debut in Nollywood in 2013.

"We Are Africans" crooner himself, JJC.  

As a well-known Nigerian music artist, when JJC is wearing his producer hat he goes under his alias 'Skillz'. Seems like JJC is looking to explore the vast opportunities and untapped potentials in Nollywood.

Nollywood should get ready for a new comer - his name happens to be JJC, which stands for "Johnny Just Come"; but this Johnny has got Skillz!!

According to a recent story published on Nigeria's LeaderShip Newspaper, "JJC To Debut in Nollywood".

JJC, born in Kano State as Abdulrasheed Bello Buhari is popularly known in the UK as the producer and creator of the multi-platinum and award winning group, ‘Big Brovaz’ is set to debut in Nollywood anytime soon.

The artiste whose heat song ‘We Are African’ has been remixed seven times in different countries is on a tour around the country promoting his new hit ‘Shank’.  He recently told Entertainment Rendezvous that Nigerian music industry is a threat to the world, adding that apart from establishing his own style of music, he is coming into Nollywood as an actor anytime soon.

In his words, ‘I will say the Nigeria Music industry of today is a threat to the rest of the world. As long as we keep working together, collaborating, showing support to the next generation I think we are going to supersede our counterparts because I think we have population and innovation on our side. And we travel a lot. Just like I said in my other song, we have got rhythm from the day we are born and that’s why we are Africans,’ (laughs)

‘I see myself establishing my style of music, the electro-afro beat. I also hope to create new stuff that would enable and challenge the new and old generation to move forward from TV to audio and most especially now, I want to get into Nollywood. So in 2013 you will see JJC in Nollywood,’’ were his conclusive words.


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Nigerian Music Industry or Nigerian Music Scene, which one exists?

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Nigerian Music Industry or Nigerian Music Scene, which one exists? Well, many argue that Nigeria currently does not have a music industry, rather what is in existence is a music scene or music market. Nigerian music artists make majority of their living from shows and concerts.


Nigerian music artists: old school and new school

What is a Music Industry?

First let's understand what an industry is all about. An industry can be understood as the organized action of people or companies engaged in a particular kind of commercial trade or enterprise. Therefore, a music industry is a commercially organized and regulated enterprise where artists, producers, managers, directors, record labels, public relations, music agencies, and so on - come together to trade and propel the music market.

Let's see the definition of music industry in other online sources.

MI Abaga, Nigerian music artists: Watch Nigerian music videos online, Nigerian music download, Nigerian music 2012, Nigerian music 2013, Nigerian music websites, Nigerian music history, Nigerian musicians
says: "The music industry or music business consists of the companies and individuals that make money by creating and selling music. Among the many individuals and organizations that operate within the industry are: the musicians who compose and perform the music; the companies and professionals who create and sell recorded music (e.g., music publishers, producers, recording studios, engineers, record labels, retail and online music stores, performance rights organizations); those that present live music performances (booking agents, promoters, music venues, road crew); professionals who assist musicians with their music careers (talent managers, business managers, entertainment lawyers); those who broadcast music (satellite, internet and broadcast radio); journalists; educators; musical instrument manufacturers; as well as many others."

What is a Music Scene?

Well, a scene, in many contexts; refers to a particular place, a stage, or a public area where activities occur. So, a Music Scene is like a marketplace where local music artists engage with their target audience to market their talent and musical work.

Digging into the web, let's take a look at how other online sources define or explain Music Scene.

says: Music Scene is also know as Local Music or The Local Music Scene, the music scene is created by underground bands in a certain area or state. The music scene isn't defined by genre but by diversity. Any band who isn't on a record label is part of the music scene.

Although there are millions of bands in the music scene, not all of them last. The music scene is supported by kids who go to local music shows and support the local bands. Without the kids, and sometimes adults, who support local music, the music scene will go to the dust.

The local music scene is like a local business, all local bands needs money to survive and they need kids to listen to them.

Every band in the music scene has talent, some more than others of course, but many local bands have the potential to get big, no matter what genre.

Music scenes involve having shows where you go out and support local music by buying merchandise and having fun while listening to music that you like. you can get personal and meet the bands personally, and most of everyone is friendly at shows. you can meet other great people and spread the word about bands.

All in all, local music is under rated and really needs to be listened too, you'll never know what you'll find.

PSquare, Peter Okoye, Paul Okoye, Psquare music, Psquare Alingo download, Psquare music download, Psquare Do Me download, Psquare Chop my money, Psquare album, Nigerian music artists, Psquare music videos, Nigerian music videos
Looking at the above explanation of Music Industry and Music Scene, which of the two does the Nigerian economy seem to have? Observing the entertainment sector of Nigeria, does it look a music industry really exist? Many, especially
Nigerian music artists and record labels, would answer NO to that question.

Unlike Nollywood, Nigeria's film industry known worldwide and the largest employer of labor in the most populous country in Africa, Nigeria is yet to establish a music industry of its own. Actually Nigeria is not alone in this area. Many countries, from East to West, North to South; do not boast a music industry. However, many developed and developing countries do have an existing or growing film industry.

In a recent interview published on Nigeria's Leadership Newspaper; Bez, an alternative soul artist who made his way into the Nigerian music scene in 2011 and also a native of Nasarawa State, confirmed to Samuel Abulude that Nigeria does not have a music industry but rather a growing music scene. Below is an excerpt:

When his opinion on Nigerian music industry was sorted, Bez threw a bombshell saying, “We have no music Industry; what we have is a fast growing music scene, which we are all happy about. There are no structures on ground that makes it an industry like other African countries where there is a thriving music industry.

Tiwa Savage, Mavin Records first lady, Tiwa Savage Kele Kele love, Tiwa Savage Ife Wa Gbona music download, Nigerian music artists, Nigerian music latest, Nigerian music website, Naija music 2013
The government and the relevant stakeholders have not put in place what will make ours an industry. Though COSON (Copyright Organisation Society of Nigeria) is doing something, but it is not enough. We do not get royalties for our song or videobeing played on radio or TV as it is done in developed countries.”

So if you're wondering if a music industry exists in Nigeria, at the moment the answer is No. The only existing industry in Nigeria's entertainment sector which lacks government support, is Nigeria's film industry known as Nollywood.

One thing that exists is a Nigerian music market or music scene like Bez and other Nigerian music icon have pointed out, where Nigerian music artists have the opportunity to independently market their talents and music to an interested audience, especially by participating or collaborating with other music artists to hold a show or musical concert from time to time.

If anyone claims a Nigerian music industry does exist, that industry is not yet solid or still emerging. Neither is it even organized, as you can see most Nigerian music artists and the very few record labels in Nigeria, are working independently or collectively with artists signed to a particular label to market their talent and musical work. This is why statistics on the Nigerian music industry is almost impossible to compile.

Share Your Opinion: Nigerian Music Industry or Nigerian Music Scene, which do you think exists? 

Composed by Kevin Onuma for Nigeria Music Network




Leadership Newspaper:

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Tiwa Savage "Ife Wa Gbona" lyrics and meaning

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Tiwa Savage Ife Wa Gbona lyrics featuring Leo Wonder, a love song, is available on Nigeria's music network, including the meaning of Ife Wa Gbona. Learn more! 

A Still Shot from Tiwa Savage Ife Wa Gbona music video

Before providing you with Tiwa Savage's Ife Wa Gbona lyrics, let's know what "Ife Wa Gbona" means first. Wouldn't you like to know?

In the Yoruba language, "Ife" means "Love", and "Wa" means "Come" but in this context - it means "Our" or "Us". Not to forget, "Gbona" in Yoruba means "Hot". So, Tiwa Savage's "Ife Wa Gbona" means "Our Love is Hot". For more about Tiwa Savage's Ife Wa Gbona meaning, go here: Tiwa Savage Ife Wa Gbona meaning - Nigerian Yoruba Music.

Tiwa Savage Ife Wa Gbona Lyrics 

Tiwa Savage "Ife Wa Gbona" lyrics has a lot of message about love or otherwise, Ife in the Yoruba language. If you visit, you'll find the following lyrics for Tiwa Savage "Ife Wa Gbona". Below is Ife Wa Gbona music video and lyrics for the love song featuring Leo Wonder:

hehn hehn
SoSick on the beat
Tiwa Savage, pure wonder
hehn, awon na ni
Lovers and co.
Tiwa o ni baje
Adura nla
Agbona na ni

Verse 1
Oya mama o,
Get ur gele o
Daddy mi o
The time don come o
Cos I am flying high
His name is alone in my heart
Cos no be lie
Nothing can tear us apart
bobo bobo o nothing do you
Hey, my bobo bobo o, I can die for you
I must be
The luckiest girl in the world
Cos you chose me, to share this love in your world

Verse 2
Ti ba ni mi o ni fe e baby, iro lasan lasan ni
Oju mi loju re baby
Se ni ma tatan tatan ni
Would you please hold my hands, wa lo mo mummy mi
My baby just say yes
Wa je toni temi

O gbona o gbona o gbona o gbona o gbona
woooo wuuuu yeaa (2x)
Ife wa o gbona
tori O gbona o gbona o gbona o gbona o gbona
woooo wuuuu yeaa (2x)
Ife wa gbona gbona

Verse 3
Oya baby o
Take my hands lets go
I am ready to love my boo
Like there’s no tomorrow
A long time ago, I must have done something good
So I thank you my God, cos he loves me the way that he should
Bobo bobo o, nothing do you
Hey, my bobo bobo o, I can die for you
I must be
The luckiest girl in the world
Cos you chose me, to share this love in your world

Verse 4
Oya come come follow me go
Je ka lo si ibi ti oju olomo o to
Come build my home, along with me
Come be the one to bear my pikin
Along with me, come be the one to bear my pikin
my pikin, your pikin, our pikin

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 5
Wa lo mo mummy mi
Mo egbon mi o
Tele miii to the land of love
My baby o oo ooo (4x)

Tiwa (yes baby)
Sho gbon mi (I am listening)
Ko n shey gbogbo kan ti a sho na yi
ko n shey pe ko ye won
Sho ye e


Lyrics Credit:
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Nigerian music platforms are also Nigerian music websites

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Nigerian music platforms are also Nigerian music websites, and one of such is Nigeria Music Network, a music video sharing platform for Nigerian music online including Afropop, Afrobeat, Nigerian Hip-Hop, Nigerian gospel, etc.

Nigerian Musicians

What is a Music Platform?  
First let's understand what a platform is all about. In computers, a platform is an underlying computer system on which application programs can run such as Mac and Windows operating systems. However, in the music world, a platform can be understood as a web property (website) where users access and engage with audio-visual musical contents available to the public, which is what Nigeria Music Network is all about.

Nigerian Music Websites
There are many Nigerian music websites that cater to people's need and demand for Nigerian music. Don't be surprised that their are well over 100 active Nigerian music websites on the world wide web today which includes music blogs and music video sharing platforms such as Nigeria Music Network.

Top Nigerian Music Websites
Not to be biased, but the top Nigerian music website for what's new in the Nigerian music scene is, and it's the premiere and most visited online platform that delivers new Nigerian hip-hop/contemporary music. Other Nigerian music websites including Nigeria Music Network often check the site for what's new in the Nigerian music scene. You may not find what's hot on NotJustOk all the time but you can bet a million buck you'll always find what's new.

List of Top Nigerian Music Websites 
The following Nigerian music websites were picked based on the simple fact that Nigerian music is why they exist in the very first place, this means their main focus is Nigerian music and not entertainment as a whole. Top Nigerian music websites are: (as of Nov 8th, music refuse to play on the site) 

In conclusion, the message here is that a Nigerian music platform can also be understood as a Nigerian music website. This are platforms whose primary focus is entirely on Nigerian music, they promote Nigerian artists and showcase their music videos to reach a more global audience, hereby increasing our local artists potentials. Using the power of the internet to connect Nigerian artists on the continent with those in diaspora economies. Nigerian music is going beyond global, and Nigeria Music Network is here to support and push the industry forward.

Nigeria Music Network, a Nigerian music website, is Nigeria's leading platform for the best of Nigerian music videos online. Our team of music lovers regularly handpick Nigerian music videos around the web and promote on Nigeria's music network, including user-submitted music and videos.
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How Mr. May D got his stage name "May D" -Naija Music Blog

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Naija Music Blog 

Have you ever wondered how Mr May D (Akinmayokun Awodunmila) got his stage name "May D"? This are some of the things curious Nigerians and May D fans think about and would like to know. 

May D photo

How May D came up with his name

Former Square Records artist and ex-colleague of P-Square, May D, has disclosed how he came up with his stage name in an exclusive interview with Adeola Adeyemo of BellaNaija i.e., "May D Interview".

Before revealing how May D got his stage name, we thought the following insight into May D's background will enlight you our reader on the Nigerian artist. The following excerpt was culled from BellaNaija:
He might have started off on the smaller stage, but May D is definitely a star of the big stage now. Real names, Akinmayokun Awodunmila, he started building his career as a member of a dance and singing duo called “Just Us” in secondary school. Whilst still a student at University of Lagos and after his partner relocated to the UK, he continued developing his art; recording songs, performing at shows until he got a big break, getting signed on to Square Records. For four years, May D worked closely with Nigerian music stars, P-Square until the management announced a surprise split some months ago. However, he has moved on to other things – released a new single “Use Me”, launched his own record label “Confam Entertainment” and has put his past behind. The “Sound Track” and “Ile Ijo” crooner opened up to Bellanaija’s Adeola Adeyemo at an exclusive interview, speaking about his career, his split with Square Records and his future plans.

So, how did you come up with the name May D?

You know, my name is Mayokun when you remove the Akin. All the boys in the house, our name starts with Akin – Akinyemi, Akinwumni, Akintayo….. I took the first three letters of Mayokun to form May and D from my surname.

As a reminder, after May D left Square Records, he made a swift move to launch his own record label known as "Confam entertainment". So, upcoming Nigerian artist that has what it takes should not hesitate to reach out to the Ile Ijo crooner for a record deal opportunity. You can follow May D on Twitter @MisterMayD.

So, there you have it - you
now know how May D came up with his stage name. We hope you found this information useful on Nigeria's music network. Fans of May D, make sure to stay up-to-date on what the Nigerian artist is up to by following May D on all social networks.

The full May D interview is published by BellaNaija here:
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