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Tuface '2Baba' Idibia Talks About His Ordeal With Armed Robbers

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The difference between life and death is so slim. One minute you are gone. In Nigeria, life can be so cheap. Before you know it, someone is aiming his gun at you and asking you surrender everything on you. At times, he doesn’t even give you enough time to comply. In one moment of madness, he pulls the trigger and the bullet hits you gboooa! I have been shot and I don’t like talking about it. It was just like a flash.

This guy comes to the car, he tries to open the car but the door is locked, and before we could even realize what is going on, the guy brought out his gun and just shot: He shot the glass and I was sitting on the passenger side on the front seat. So the bullet caught me on my left thigh. Just like that.

I didn’t even know the bullet was in me already. I thought it was a shattered glass that touched my leg, I didn’t know it was a bullet. It was when I opened the door and I started running that I started feeling pains in my leg. And then I touched my leg and I saw pure blood.

That was when I realized I was shot. In the heat of the moment, that adrenalin was pumping and you weren’t feeling anything at that time. I just came from London that evening. So I was just coming from the airport and going home.

I was stopped actually.I met a small traffic jam at Cele Bus Stop on the way to Festac. So we were just slowing down when the guy just came out. Then he tried to open the door but the door was locked. I don’t know whether the guy knew me. I don’t think so. I think it was one of these normal robberies in a hold up.

He just said:” Open the door! Open the door!” We were looking him with shock,then the next thing he pulled out a gun and shot.All these happened within 10 seconds. Some of the pellets cut my friend’s hand.

In the confusion, everybody took off on hearing the gunshot. Some people even came out of their cars and fled for safety. Luckily, we quickly stopped a bus and the guy was nice enough to stop. I guess because of the commotion,the robbers too panicked and fled.

I was first taken to Cedar hospital in Festac where they gave me first aid treatment. And then, Reddington ambulance came and took me from there.

Gunshot is like having a hot substance inside your body. It peppers. I was just thanking God. I imagined what could have happened if I had been shot in the face or in the chest. This happened in 2007.

Earlier, on January 2004, I had been attacked by armed robbers. It was another close shave. They had to break the wall to enter my house. They beat the hell out of me that day. They were beating me and asking “Where is the master of this house?” I told them:” My master had travelled”. They didn’t know I was the master of the house. They were just hitting me with a stick. They almost broke my neck. At the hospital, I was made to wear a neck brace for over a month. They took away my money, jewelry and some other stuff.

All these experiences have taught me that life is so precious, yet precarious. Anything can happen in any second. So,make the most of your time. It was by the grace of God that I survived that gunshot. What if his hand had gone a bit higher to hit my head or my chest? It would have been a different story.

It’s so sad that we live in a country where there is insecurity.In Nigeria,a trailer would park where it is not supposed to park and you just run into it and it’s all over.

That was what happened to the rapper Dagrin.

These are the words of Innocent Ujah Idibia popularly known as 2face, narrating his ordeal in the hands of armed robbers. He also laments on the seemingly rising insecurity in the country.

In a related news,on Sunday, November 20th,2011, 2face and a close friend Matthew Ohio at about 3AM left the Nu-Grotto located at 217 Etim Inyang Crescent, Victoria Island and were heading to the Southern Sun Hotel in Ikoyi, driving in the singer’s Ranger Rover Sport through Muri Okunola Street when they came across a man lying down by the roadside.

Ohio who was driving says the pair decided to stop and find out what was wrong with the man. Upon getting closer, they discovered it was a police man and that he had been shot three times by – once in the hand, in the stomach and in the leg.

It is believed that the policeman who identified himself as Corporal Ganiu had been shot just five minutes before Idibia and Ohio drove by.

We gathered that 2face and Matthew then carried the bleeding policeman into the back seat of their vehicle and rushed him to the Reddington Hospital located at 12 Idowu Martins Street, Victoria Island to receive treatment. The hospital staff were said to have been hesitant to attend to the victim until they recognized 2face who served as a guarantor to the officer.

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Tuface Idibia saves Lagos policeman shot by armed robbers

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The story goes like this: Tuface Idibia and a friend were returning from a night club in the early hours of Sun Nov 20th, when they spotted a man lying by the roadside, writhing in pain. Tuface asked that they come out of their car to see what was wrong the man. He was a police man who had been shot a few times by armed robbers just a few minutes before Tuface's vehicle drove through.

So him and his friend took the injured police man to a hospital in Victoria Island, where he was treated after Tuface stood as his guarantor. The police man was later moved to another hospital after his people came.

You did great, Tuface. Well done my brother. This is a big deal, because coming down of your vehicle at 3am in the morning in Lagos is an extremely risky thing to do. It might have been a set up, or maybe the robbers were still around, you know, stuff like that. So, Tuface and his friend deserve praise for saving this man's lives. They are heroes!

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Tweet fight: M.I Apologize To Terry G 'The Akpako Master'

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Terry G's tweet at MI has already sparked speculation of a feud between the two music acts. But MI isn't ready to start beef with the akpako master, so he asked his twitter followers to stop fueling beef talk.

MI also admits he messed up in his tweets about Terry G's catchphrase and song title "akpako".

M.I tweeted:

"MI_Abaga @Fagsam ...I didn't mean any disrespect... I really didn't know what 'akpako' meant.. And then everyone was like terry g terry g..

MI_Abaga If @Terrygzus is actually terry g's account then I apologize.. I meant no harm.. Someone said akpako to me and I had never heard it before

MI_Abaga So when I tweeted about what it meant.. I was surprised that everyone kept saying 'ask terry g'.. Hence my comment.. I have nothing but the utmost artistic and personal respect for Terry G..."

Terry G had earlier tweeted:

Terrygzus @romanosas yeah, he should hav asked me if he has any issues wif akpako, abi hin won use my name get more followers...Kpakam!!

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WizKid Escapes Fan Mob At Father's Birthday Party

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Ever since popular singer, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun popularly known as Wizkid burst into stardom on the heels of his monster hit single, 'Holla At Ur Boy,' life has never been the same.

Within a very short space of time,Wizkid suddenly became a household name as millions of music fans across the globe celebrated the glaring success of his musical exploits.

Like a falcon digging its talons into an unsuspecting prey, Wizkid sunk his teeth into the very epicenter of the Nigerian music industry and before you could say Freddie Kugar, his musical identity shone like a super- star.

Two days back, Banky W's manager, Segun Demuren tweeted the experience he had with his client, banky W and Wizkid while at surulere for wizkid's dad birthday party. Segun described how wizkid was mobbed through hundreds of eager fans at the party. And at the end of the day, he couldn't spend more time with his dad.

Segun shares the experience below:

"Sunday was special. Wizkid's father's 70th birthday, in Surulere, Shitta Bey area. We came prepared we thought… 10 Mopol… We thought wrong!

BankyW and I arrived around 6am, plan was to stay for an hour. We call Wizkid, thinking he would be partying with his Dad and dude is sitting in a car surrounded by like 6 Mopol. And he has been this way since 2pm, at his own Father's 70th gig. I couldn't believe it.

So we get him out and walk into the event (at a school playground by the way), so he can sit with his father. Big Mistake.

In less than 15 seconds, the canopy is swamped, there are 200 phones in the air taking pics, crowd is overwhelming security.

MC is announcing for all to sit down… nothing. Wizkid's mum makes it through, she's scared and wants us to leave to their house.

Since all the security came to this one tent, they left the main gate free, Area boys have made it through. I'm hearing "Wizzy, Wiz, Baba Wizzo

"It's no longer safe, we need to go". We greet Wizkid's dad & make our way to our vehicle, there's at least 150 people around it. What?

So security guy carries Wizkid, one manages to open door, bundle Wizkid and BankyW in it. I manage to squeeze in, my clothes stuck in the door.

We try to get out, (I'm sure we ran over someone's feet), but it's Surulere's tight streets & so a mob starts chasing the vehicle.

So BankyW brings out cash and throws a wad out & they go for that instead. It gives us time to maneuver 5 mins to Wiz's Dad house.

I look at BankyW, I look at Wizkid and I feel completely sorry for these guys. I ask if this is how it is & they say even this is nothing!

Back in the domain of his father's house, a bit quiet, I look at the kid bb'ing, loosely surrounded by 4 hefty guys. He seems alone.

It's his father's 70th birthday & he can't attend it, because his name is Wizkid.
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Tweet Fight Between MI and Terry G

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So MI was being playful on Twitter and asked if anyone knew what "akpako" means because Terry G calls himself "Akpako Master". He said apparently only Terry G understands the "deep mysteries of akpako."

Instead of getting a sensible laugh, he got insults hurled at him by Terry G and his fans.

Below is the tweet that started it:

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