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Don Jazzy confirms end of partnership with Dbanj

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Music producer and artiste, Michael Collins aka Don Jazzy, on Saturday confirmed his split with fellow musician, Dapo Oyebanjo aka Dbanj. In posts on his Twitter account, Don Jazzy confirmed rumours that their partnership under the umbrella of Mohits had crumbled.

He described the development as “sad but true.”

There had been reports that the two friends had parted ways over some issues, especially Dbanj’s collaboration with American R&B star, Kanye West, and his label, G.O.O.D Music.

Dbanj’s interview with American magazine, Ebony, added fire to the speculations, especially where he described Don Jazzy as one of the artistes on the Mohits label. In the controversial interview, published on the magazine’s website last week, Dbanj reportedly said he was the sole owner of Mohits.

However, his aides denied these assertions, saying the interviewers misquoted him.

They also denied rumours of a rift between Don Jazzy and Dbanj.

A few days later, the interview was reworked, with Dbanj being quoted as saying that he and Don Jazzy were the joint owners of Mohits.

In his posts on Saturday, Don Jazzy wrote, “Good day friends. So sorry I have been away for long as I have been going through some changes in my life.

“It is with a heavy heart that I announce the end of a long era and the beginning of a new one.

“Some of the rumours you have all heard recently are sad but true. The way forward now is to make sure I keep bringing you guys more of the beautiful music y’all love to dance to.

“And to end d old era I will b donating the proceeds of my production catalogue from day one till date to five charity organizations. Thanks. IDJA”

There was no comment from Dbanj or his camp.

Reacting to Don Jazzy’s comments, CEO of Storm Records, Obi Asika, said in a tweet, “I was extremely sad to see @donjazzy’s tweet today. I just want to salute @donjazzy @iamdbanj and the entire mo hits crew, amazing memories!”

The story of the split immediately became a hot trending topic on Twitter and Facebook, as many bloggers wondered what the future holds for both artistes.

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It seem like things are about to get worse in the Mo ’Hits click, as D’banj seems to be fueling the flames of the on-going controversy between him and hit producer Don Jazzy going their separate ways. 

In a recent interview on Ebony Magazine’s, D’banj claims to own the record label Mo’Hits, and also says he was responsible for signing the label’s artistes, including Don Jazzy.

‘Coming from Africa I’m my own manager, I have my own label called Mo’ Hits with my artists Dr. Sid, Wande Coal, Don Jazzy, D’Prince and K-Switch. I own Mo’ Hits and we’ve won numerous awards by the grace of God’, D’banj told music journalist Hillary Crosley.

The pop star goes on to talk about his entrance into the US market and his signing with Kanye West’s label G.O.O.D Music.

It remains uncertain whether D’Banj was actually laying claim to fully owning Mo’Hits, attempting to set the records straight, following recent controversies surrounding he and Jazzy, or he was quoted out of context by the interviewer. But, curiously, apart from referring to Don Jazzy as ‘his artiste’, D’banj doesn’t mention or credit the producer in any other part of the interview.

It is generally believed that D’banj and Don Jazzy co-own the label, with Don jazzy acting as President while D’Banj is Vice President. They’re the label’s only known directors.

The pair, who started out about nine years ago when D’banj released his single ‘Tongolo’ have made headlines in recent times. Sources say they’re currently on the verge of breaking up, following seemingly irreconcilable differences.

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This is unbelievable! After nine good years of collaboration and partnership in the entertainment industry, Mo’Hits bosses Michael Collins a.k.a Don Jazzy and Dapo ‘D’banj‘ Oyebanjo may soon be ending their hitherto ‘untouchable’ partnership.

Multiple news sources mentioned that, following protracted disagreements, both parties may have reached a definitive mutual agreement to end their business partnership, although they haven’t come out to say anything to the public as at the time of this news.

Reports, including that of Nigerian daily, The Vanguard, said Don Jazzy and D’banj’s relationship has gone terribly sour, with possibility of the acclaimed producer launching another label, which will see him have full authority and sole ownership. Don Jazzy currently co-owns Mo’Hits with D’banj. The pair formed the label in London after working out of JJC’s Backbone Music in 2004.

A barrage of unanswered questions from fans have long been flocking the enigmatic producer’s page on popular micro-blogging site Twitter, but in stark contrast to his usual responsiveness, Don Jazzy has been quiet. He  hasn’t tweeted since the story came to light.

Before now, the famous duo were never seen anywhere without each other, but at the time of writing this report, Don Jazzy is in Nigeria without his hitherto ever present pal D’banj, who is promoting his brand in America while he works on his forthcoming fourth album ‘Mr Endowed’.

On the other hand, we’re told the Mo’hits producer has temporarily moved into Dr. SID‘s 1004 Victoria Island apartment, where Wande Coal also resides, having deserted the multi-million Naira Lekki mansion he moved into with D’Banj in early 2011.

Insiders say this new development, if not arrested before things totally crumble, could spell the end of what’s probably the biggest music powerhouse and label ever seen in Nigeria.


The now evident cracks became obvious around the time the producer who is also the President and CEO of  Mo’Hits, bagged the Kanye West G.O.O.D Music deal which also influenced a $3m JV deal, with D’Banj as key beneficiary. The Kanye project catapulted both stars to a whole new pedestal in their careers, where they now rubbed shoulders with the biggest names in the international music scene. But the problems had emanated before then.

From then on, insiders say ‘D’banj’s ego, which was already causing tension within the label, only got bigger and harder to check’. Sources claim this new feeling of invincibility on the singer’s part began to make him question his continued association with his long-time friend and collaborator, who didn’t seem to be ‘representing’ on this new found wavelength.

The recent Occupy Nigeria protest also saw the acts take separate sides – while D’banj did little to save himself from accusations of collecting money from Goodluck Jonathan, Don Jazzy readily denounced the government and identified with the people; saying, in what would become a famous tweet, that he ‘regrets voting for Goodluck Jonathan’


It appears D’banj, whose Don Jazzy produced 2005 ‘No Long Thing‘ album instantly brought him to the limelight, is uncomfortable with the continued delay in the release of his fourth studio album ‘Mr Endowed‘, which was initially supposed to be released late 2011.

Trusted sources allege that D’banj no longer remits payments from any shows he attends into the label’s general account. As one source puts it ‘he feels Don Jazzy isn’t putting the right kind of energy into the business right now’.

A Daily Times report claims D’banj is now represented by the label’s A&R – Oluseun ‘Bankulli’ Abisagboola while the other Mo’Hits acts, including Don Jazzy, are still being represented by long-time manager Sunday Are. All efforts to reach Bankulli proved abortive, and while Mr. Are picked up our phone calls, he didn’t answer our inquiries, neither did he reply our text messages asking the same questions. Don Jazzy had not responded to our emails as at the time of going to press.


As already reported, Don Jazzy has now chosen to stay with other artistes on his label, specifically putting up with Dr. Sid at the moment, leaving the Lekki Mansion deserted.

D’Banj, on the other hand, has been seen in the United States, and Paris recently, living it up with music heavyweights like Diddy, Swizz Beatz, Common and other stars who came to support his new boss, Kanye West at Paris Fashion Week. Those close to him also say he’s bought himself a home in Los Angeles where he now hopes to reside fully. He’s also reportedly building himself a new team – made up of trusted associates like Bankuli and a former Mtech boss who’s heading his business team.

One source told us: ‘The camp has definitely split up – D’banj and younger brother K Switch are shuttling to and fro the US and UK, while Dr SID (who’s had repeated spats with D’Banj in the past) and D’Prince have stuck with Don Jazzy. ‘Dr. SID feels indebted to Jazzy as he blew up his career‘.

It is uncertain where Wande Coal stands for now. And while many are already taking sides, we’re told those who understand the implications of the pending break-up, are working day and night to make sure it doesn’t happen. ‘Several people are working to make sure it’s resolved’ a top industry source told us, Saturday. ‘Friends and partners will always quarrel. I dont see anything happening between them that can not be resolved. They stand to benefit more by remaining together than if they go their separate ways…’

However, one Mo’Hits insider claims ‘sadly this thing has gone beyond repair’. He refused to elaborate.


So with the breakup of the duo looking like a reality, what lies in store for both power partners  if they decide to go their separate ways? NET examines the possible scenarios.


 This music maverick’s career is not likely to be over, at least not in the foreseeable future. With increasing international exposure opening doors for him from London to New York, multi-million dollar deals begging for his star endorsement, close associations with the biggest names in musical entertainment; Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Jay Z and more, there is little evidence to support the notion that a split will stop his career in its’ tracks.

However, ‘breaking free’ from his long-time producer and friend, if not properly managed, may mark the beginning of a long and painful journey into a reckless and irresponsible lifestyle, culminating into personal and career decline.


The producer is in no danger of being out of relevance musically, since his G.O.O.D music deal will no doubt task him on bringing out more creative material fit for his new family’s primarily American audience, thereby boosting his profile. His ever building clientele also doesn’t seem to be much threatened, as even now, he commands some of the highest production fees in the continent.

However, his visibility in the media may suffer, thereby confining him permanently to the booth. The combined force of Wande Coal, Dr. Sid, D’Prince and possibly K-Switch, taking nothing away from their commercial viability and talent, don’t seem enough to ensure his visual presence, at least not like his Don Jazzy/D’Banj duo formular. One good thing for him though: Don Jazzy is a star maker who can pick up another talent and create a star in the mould of D’banj in a few years. He also appears to be a more disciplined act; and in show business, with discipline comes focus and longevity.

We'll keep you posted on the happenings in the Mo Hits camp, especially regarding D'banj and Don Jazzy's beef. Stay tuned...

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WizKid: A Superstar Indeed!

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THE meteoric rise of Empire Mates Entertainment's cash cow, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun better known to music lovers a Wizkid didn't come as a surprise for those who have been following his progress right from when his promo singles entitled “Holla at your Boy”, “Don't Dull” and “Tease Me” started getting massive airplay.

The seeming experience and networking strength of his forerunner and EME C.E.O Banky W has positively rubbed of on Wizkid's debut album aptly titled “Superstar”. Little wonder the fast rising artiste emerged winner at the 2011 MOBO awards (Music of Black Origin) in Scotland; he also emerged winner in the Next Rated category at the 2011 edition of the Headies.

Wizkid's debut album collection features 17 endearing tracks that has made the artiste one of the most sought after acts in the land. From the very stimulating song entitled “Scatter the floor” to the controversial “Pakuromo'' music fans seem not have enough of Wizkid's debut collection of songs.

Except for the fact that some close watchers feel that most of his songs on the album seem to have the same melody and the fact that the artiste tends to be somewhat acerbic with the lyrics of some songs there seems not to be any major flaws noticed on the album. The album also prides itself of having the largest collection of commercial songs eclipsing the likes of P Square who before now reigned supreme with their sing along songs especially during the festive periods.

It is also needless to say that the production imprint of emerging music producers such as E Kelly, Jay Sleek, Samklef, Shizzi, DJ Klem and Veebee on the album has inevitably shot Wizkid's sound impression outside the shores of the country while announcing him as the new Sherrif on the Nigerian music scene.


Terry G Denied Visa To Perform In UK Again!

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This is definitely not the best of times for Gabriel Amanyi popularly known as Terry G as we learnt he’s denied British visa for second time.

According to sources, the inability of Terry G who has visited the United Kingdom once, to be granted a visa is not unconnected with the problems associated with the documents Terry G submitted at the embassy.

He is said not to have been able to properly convince the High Commission visa issuing authority that he is just going to United Kingdom to perform at a show and come back without extending his stay or ultimately defecting.

Unfortunately, a popular showbiz promoter, who is believed to be taking Terry G to United Kingdom on the musical tour has already distributed flyers and publicized the show via different social network sites.

A lot of people, most especially Terry G’s fans have already had their hopes raised, only for them to be ultimately informed that their beloved artiste has been denied visa by the British High Commission.

Recall that Terry G was denied a British visa just about a year ago.

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