200 Million Mumu Nigerians? - Lagbaja


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If Nigerians no be mumu, why do we allow our greedy and corrupt political leaders continue to deceive us? 200 Million Mumu Nigerians is definitely a Public Service Announcement for all voting Nigerians. Song by Lagbaja.  

“Undoubtedly, we the people are to blame for our woes
The “leaders” have discovered that they can get away with anything… ANYTHING!
Because of our docile mumurity as uncritical and comatose minions
Because we never stand up to them and demand probity

That is why Obasanjo single handedly chose Yar’Adua and Jonathan
And led us like sheep into this turmoil
How blessed a nation we could have been
Had he instead used his great cunning for the benefit of Nigeria
The good things he did, his anointed successors destroyed
Obasanjo used his own hands to destroy what he worked hard to build
… Sad testimony… Bad legacy… Sad autobiography

You may not be rich
But your well being is as important as theirs and their children’s
As a human being, you have rights
As a citizen of Nigeria, you have rights

While giving utmost respect to our leaders
And acting with all sense of humility as dictated by our culture
We should still demand and insist on justice and equity
Ah…ah… We are better than this

It should be obvious to all now…
You, like me, may be small
But even the mightily powerful “big man” is mortal dust
Food for worms
…No man is God!”

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